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The Translation Project at The Israeli Center for Digital Art

And it’s permitted to love — Chava Alberstein, At Telchi Basade

Halina Kliem looks into the variations and gaps that occur within language and communication. During her invitation at the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Halina worked on The Translation Project. This project takes Lea Goldberg’s Hebrew-language poem You Will Walk in the Fields (1943), which is well known as a song by Chava Alberstein since the sixties, and asks people of different age groups in Israel to translate it into Arabic, Amharic and Russian. The poem is then retranslated by another group of people. She found her translators through friends, at the Arab-Jewish Community Center in Jaffa, at the youth clubs Mix and @ in Holon and through the women organization Achoti, (Sister) in South Tel Aviv. The project creates a variety of translations and retranslations and looks into expressions in native and acquired language. 

Thank You to:
Yelena Otiutskaya, Sharon Ben Joseph, Noa Giniger, Liron Shua, Tamir Lichtenberg, Avigail Surovich, Nir Sagiv, Eyal Danon, Yael Cohen, Yan Mangal, Reem Quassem, Orlee Hadari, Meir Tati, Meital, Jonathan, Adam and Matalem, Goethe Institut Tel Aviv and Israeli Center for Digital Art

The Translation Project — Expression in native and acquired language, 2013, song lyrics and various translations